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World-class AV processing and performance from a multi-award winning range including AV receivers, amplifiers, disc players and soundbars…
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Yamaha RX-A3080  AVENTAGE 9.2 AV  Receiver

Yamaha RX-A3080 - 9.2-channel AVENTAGE model - This is home entertainment... Redefined

Yamaha CX-A5100 AV Processor

11.2-channel AV Pre-Amplifier at the pinnacle of the AVENTAGE Series.

Yamaha MX-A5000 Power Amplifier

11-channel overwhelming power amplification

Yamaha RX-A1080 AVENTAGE  7.2 AV Receiver

RX-A1080 High-end 7.2-channel AVENTAGE model features most advanced Surround:AI capability and latest network functions.

Yamaha RX-A2080 AVENTAGE 9.2 AV Receiver

9.2-channel AVENTAGE model with superior three-dimensional sound field playback and the latest, most advanced Surround:AI features.