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Trinnov Altitude 32 - Available Now At Touchstone AV
Trinnov Altitude 32 - Available Now At Touchstone AV
Trinnov Altitude 32 - Available Now At Touchstone AV
Trinnov Altitude 32 - Available Now At Touchstone AV
Trinnov Altitude 32 - Available Now At Touchstone AV

Product Description

Trinnov Altitude 32 HDMI 2.1 (2024)

The Ultimate Experience in Immersive Audio

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36-Channel Reference Immersive Sound AV Processor

Peerless in performance, configurability and sound quality, the Altitude32 remains the unchallenged reference processor for Immersive home theater systems. Nothing has been left to chance: high-channel count, huge processing power and exclusive patented technologies unleash the full potential of immersive sound, enabling all formats and the widest range of speaker layouts.

Upgradable by Design

The hardware architecture of the Altitude32, unique among home theater processors, challenges the concept of obsolescence by enabling the integration of new technologies, new features, and product upgrades through a pure software implementation provided at no cost to Altitude owners. This is a truly sustainable product that gets better over time with the introduction of new features and a scalable, modular hardware design that enables easy system expansion up to the full channel counts of home Atmos and DTS:X and to a maximum of 64 outputs.

Its revolutionary hardware architecture runs not on the multiple sets of DSPs found on other processors but instead on a single multi-core Intel hardware platform and TrinnovOS operating system. This enables Trinnov to bring new technologies and features to market months and years ahead of competition.

Trinnov shaped the Altitude 32 to ensure and reinforce their undisputed leadership in 3D sound, leaving nothing to chance: high channel count, huge processing capabilities to meet the highest technical requirements and exclusive patented technologies to unleash the full potential of immersive 3D sound regardless of formats and speaker layout.

The standard version of the Altitude 32 natively decodes Dolby Digital +, Dolby TrueHD, DTS Digital Surround & DTS Master Audio. With the 3D optional package you can experience a new world of immersive sound with Dolby Atmos & Auro 3D. For legacy content the Trinnov Altitude 32 includes Dolby Surround processing and also its own Auro-Matic for upmixing duties.

Thanks to Trinnovs patented 3D spaital remapping technology, the Altitude 32 is the only processor to provide universal and spatial-accurate 3D sound playback, seamlessly switching between Auro & Atmos with no loss of presentation. This technology ensures an unmatched spatial resolution for the most incredible immersive experience and represents the only sustainable solution to the inherent incompatibility issue of current and future 3D surround formats.

Used everyday in demanding professional environments, this architecture meets the highest requirements in terms of reliability. Despite its extreme sophistication, the Altitude 32 is easy to operate thanks to a unique user-friendly and self explaining we based used interface.

At the heart of this new generation of processor is a new approach to Digital Signal Processing based on revolutionary hardware architecture, highly scalable and easy to upgrade. Instead of traditionally using multiple DSPs implemented in a complex and rigid architecture, Trinnov have developed a multi purpose processing platform based on a single multi core Intel processor to provide unrivalled processing capabilities, leaving it's closest peers at a distinct disadvantage. The Altitude runs a proprietary platform, powered by a 64-bits floating point multi-cores CPU, able to provide unrivalled processing capabilities and the highest-resolution filters. The Altitude handles up to 16 inputs channels and can deliver an impressive number of 32 optimised output audio channels. The processing is performed natively up to 24 bits/192khz without any down sampling. In addition, it offers one of the widest choice of digital, analogue and HDMI audio inputs and outputs; Up to 16 inputs / 32 outputs simultaneous audio channels.

For almost 10 years, Trinnov has provided prestigious customers with room correction solutions within the professional audio industry. In fact, the optimizer technology is used across the entire film production chain, from mixing facilities such as Fox Studio's in Hollywood, to commercial theatres such as UGC in Normandy, France. The optimizer technology is todays most advanced, comprehensive and flexible room correction system available on the market which comes fully integrated in the Altitude 32. It provides acoustic analysis, best in class room optimization, intelligent active crossovers and extensive bass management possibilities to ensure a true to source sound reproduction.

The Altitude is not only the natural outcome of Trinnovs extensive research in 3D sound, but also the result of 10 years experience in loudspeaker/room correction in a wide range of applications, from film post-production and mastering suites to commercial cinemas and top-end audiophile music reproduction systems. This expertise and research for the best audio quality has let to Trinnov to work on the ultimate home cinema processor and room/speaker optimizer available on the market.

A new reference is born......

Unique Remapping Technology

In real-world rooms, we can’t always place speakers where we should. And in any case, Dolby, DTS, and Auro each have a different idea where they should go. Trinnov’s exclusive, patented Remapping is the only solution.

During calibration, Trinnov’s unique 3D microphone precisely maps the location of each loudspeaker in the room regarding distance, azimuth and elevation.

When decoding a particular soundtrack, we know the intended placement of each of the various sound elements. Then Remapping, taking the reality of the room into account, ‘remaps’ errant sounds to the proper locations by using adjacent speakers and the principle of stereo imaging.

Step by Step Wizard

First-time users will find the Altitude Wizard an invaluable tool for setup and calibration.

This onboard software guides the integrator through the entire process, step-by-step. From configuring the speaker layout, setting up the input and outputs, to the microphone setup and calibration, the Wizard greatly simplifies the process of getting the Altitude up and running.

(Calibration microphone not included RRP £695)


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Trinnov Altitude 32 HDMI 2.1 (2024)

The Ultimate Experience in Immersive Audio

Please call 01202 477276 to order this product