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Lyngdorf BW-3 400w Subwoofer


Lyngdorf BW-2 Active High Bandwidth Subwoofer (Single)

The active BW-2 is designed as a high bandwidth subwoofer with the objective of reproducing music and soundtracks with full dynamics and precision.

Paradigm Defiance X15

Ultimate, Uncompromising Bass.

Paradigm Defiance X10

Ultimate, Uncompromising Bass.

Paradigm Defiance X12

Ultimate, Uncompromising Bass.

Procella Audio P15-A - Active 350W Subwoofer

High-output from a very compact single-driver enclosure in one of Procella’s most versatile subwoofers. Ideal for single and multiple subwoofer installations.

Paradigm MilleniaSub Subwoofer

Dual woofer back-to-back bipolar design! 900 Watts Dynamic Peak Power / 300 Watts RMS Sustained.