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Lyngdorf BW-2 Active High Bandwidth Subwoofer (Single)
The active BW-2 is designed as a high bandwidth subwoofer with the objective of reproducing music and soundtracks with full dynamics and precision.
Paradigm MilleniaSub Subwoofer
Paradigm MilleniaSub Duel woofer back-to-back bipolar design. 900 watts dynamic peak power/300 watts RMS sustained
Proficient IWS105 10 250 Watt Passive Inwall Subwoofer (single)
10" 250 Watt Passive In wall Subwoofer
Proficient IWS85 Dual 8 200 Watt Passive In-wall Subwoofer (Single)
Dual 8" 200 Watt Passive In-wall Subwoofer
Proficient PS10 10 120Watt Powered subwoofer
10" 120Watt Powered subwoofer
Proficient PS12 12 250Watt Powered subwoofer
12" 250Watt Powered subwoofer
Proficient PS8 8 80Watt Powered subwoofer
8" 80Watt Powered subwoofer
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