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Speaker Packages

If you can't find the right package for you we can work together with you to design a completely bespoke audio solution based on your individual requirements? We can choose from a vast portfolio of brands and a wide variety of budgets.

Also many of our Brands are available on demonstration at listening rooms around the country, if you would like to audition these speaker packages for yourself and discuss what Touchstone AV can offer you please call our friendly sales team and discuss your requirements with us today 01202 477276.

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Dali Oberon 5 5.1 Speaker Package

What Hi-Fi? review the OBERON 5 and award them five stars! “These superb floorstanders are right up there with the best”

M&K 5.1 150 Series System

M&K Sound’s S150 Series used on a daily basis as the preferred monitoring tool in hundreds of professional film and music recording studios around the world and in thousands of serious home entertainment systems.

M&K 7.2.4 150 Series Dolby Atmos System

Experience full-range, designer-friendly sound to rival many “audiophile” stand-alone speakers, in a compact package that integrates beautifully into walls or ceilings!

M&K 7.2.4 300 Series Dolby Atmos System

The unique design allows critical audio professionals to hear exactly what’s going on in the mix and listen for hours with no hint of fatigue.

M&K 7.2.4 300/150 Series Dolby Atmos System

Can there be any better choice than the speakers on which your favorite movies and music were actually created?

M&K 7.4.4 300 Series Dolby Atmos System

This is the ultimate choice for the music and cinema enthusiast.

DALI Fazon Mikro 5.1 Cinema Pack

Mikro 5.0 Sats & Dali E-9f Subwoofer

DALI Fazon 5.1-1 Home Cinema Pack

The FAZON SAT 5.1-1 consists of 5 FAZON SAT and 1 FAZON SUB 1.

DALI Zensor 7 Home Cinema Pack


Dali Ikon 5 5.1 Home Cinema Pack

With great integrity of the audio signal, improved dynamics, and enhanced bass performance

From: £2,499.00
DALI Zensor 7 5.1 Home Cinema Package

Epic home cinema surround sound from the Dali Zensor 7 5.1 speaker package.

From: £1,595.00
DALI Zensor 5 5.1 Home Cinema Package

This excellent 5.1 speaker package combines high performance Dali Zensor 5 floor standing front speakers with 5 star Zensor 1 surrounds and a Zensor Vokal centre and E12F subwoofer.

Paradigm Cinema 100 CT Home Cinema Pack

5.1 Surround System-Includes 5X Cinema 100 Satellite Speaker, 1X Cinema Subwoofer

Klipsch RP-8000F 5.1 Home Theater Pack

The Klipsch RP-8000F 5.1 Home Theater System offers legendary acoustics to bring every sound and nuance to life in any room in your home.