SIM2 AR-1 Projector

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SIM2 AR-1 Projector
Sim2 AR-1 Projector
  • Media / Entertainment rooms, Yachts and medium to large Home Cinemas
  • Deluxe Compact 3-Chip Cinema Projector
  • Brightness up to 5.500 Ansi Lumens
  • SIM2 Motorized Sliding Filter System for color filters
  • Automatic calibration probe
  • 350W dimmable lamp
  • SIM2 Perfect Fit Feature
  • Lens memory for zoom and focus for improved installation flexibility
  • Patented ALPHAPATH™ compact Die-Cast light engine with precision glass optics

A Deluxe Compact 3-Chip Cinema Projector, equipped with all the latest innovations available from DLP Technology to create the Ultimate Home Entertainment Experience.

The AR: not just another model from a prestigious lineage of handcrafted Italian projectors, but a masterpiece that is the result of years of experience spanning the world-renowned C3X and LUMIS lines to the one-of-a-kind hand-built FUORISERIE, plus all the latest updates that Texas Instruments DLP brings to its Academy Award-Winning Technology.

The days of the industrial-sized projectors in these systems are numbered. At roughly a third of the size of other high-end models - just 18” x 18” x 9” – AR delivers up to 5,500
ANSI lumens from its high power lamp.

The calibration capabilities of AR are designed with the expert calibrator in mind, its color palette is wider than a conventional projector and can be precisely tuned to the customer’s
individual screen and room characteristics – a specialist probe supplied with the projector preserves the quality of the calibrated image over its lifetime. In other words: the best
picture, forever.

The distinctive multi-textural white body, with its gorgeous curves, adds to the luxurious ‘Made in Italy’ persona of AR.

Special Order Item - Please Call 01202 477276 To Order This Item

SIM2 AR-1 Projector

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