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Seymour Screens

Center Stage UF, Glacier Gray, Matinee Silver and Black screens.  Now available!
Following two years of new material development, Seymour AV is releasing several innovative screen materials. 
The standard in acoustically transparent screens, Center Stage, now features an ultra-fine (UF) weave. The Glacier series of non-AT screens is now joined by a new gray screen to improve black levels.  Finally, the new Matinee series of ambient light rejecting screens includes the Silver 2.0, which doubles your projector's white levels for dynamic 3D images in rooms with light colored surfaces, and the Black 1.4 for a 10x contrast boost in severe ambient lighting.

Center Stage screens are acoustically transparent projection screens that gives you the flexibility of placing your speakers behind the image.
Glacier White and Gray screens are diffusion surfaces for a perfectly uniform image in rooms with light control and darker surfaces.
Matinee screens feature reflective optical layers to filter out side light from light color room surfaces or ambient light.

JVC Projectors
Seymour AV are the only screen manufacturer in the world to exclusively endorse one line of projectors. Having owned, calibrated, and worked with them all, they are most excited about the incredible performance of JVC projectors, especially now with native 4K panels and in a much more affordable price bracket.

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