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Seymour Fixed Masking Panels

Fixed Masking Panels
The optional Premier fixed frame masking panels provide a perfect changing of your screen's aspect ratio without the moving parts, cost and compromises that motorized masking systems have.  We start with custom extrusions for the panels, and then finish them in two configurations optimal to your installation.  No longer will you have to suffer those gray bars and the angst that results when you discover that movie you're about to watch does not match the aspect ratio of your frame.  The 0.6" thin panels don't create shadow lines and perfectly contact with the screen itself.  They are built to your specification, and are easily inserted inside the frame using dozens of powerful Neodymium magnets.  They can also be retrofitted into any existing Center Stage Premier frame at any time if you're up for installing the mating magnets on the back lip of the frame.

Above is a 16:9 image on a 2.35 screen with some ambient light.  At left is without masks, at right is with Millibel AT masking panels with 1.5" interior edge velvet.   

Fidelio® Velvet  If you don't have your speakers behind where the masking panels will be, then we recommend nothing short of the darkest, most perfectly-matched material, the same true Fidelio velvet that we use on the frames.  Nothing else comes close to its 99.7% light absorption.

Millibel™ A.T.  If you do have your speakers behind where the masking panels will be, then we recommend the most acoustically transparent mask available anywhere.  With the Millibel panels, we use the same material as our black backing which attenuates on average only 0.3dB (300 millibels), and then trim it out in matching velvet (99.6% light absorption) to mask the image overscan, maintain a sharply framed image and perfectly match your frame.  In a dark room, the panels look completely black, because the leading-edge velvet is what's doing the difficult job.  The rest of the panel just needs to reduce the ambient light reflectivity of the screen to a black appearance.  If your ambient light is so high that you can see the shades of black in the panel, then you're setting your projector's contrast back 10 years.

While we welcome unique challenges, here are some common options:
  •     Fidelio non-AT.  At 99.7% absorbing, it's the blackest material on Earth, minus that little square inch of carbon nanotube stuff that some Poindexter made a few years ago.
  •     Millibel AT.  Only 0.3dB attenuation, and the 2-tone look goes away when you turn the lights off.  For the 16:9 -> 2.37 screens with top/bottom masks, we do a 1.5" inside edge of 99.6% absorbing velvet.  For the 2.35 -> 16:9 screens with side masks, we can either do a 1.5" inside edge for smaller screens or larger speakers, or a 3.5" inside edge if you prefer.
  •     Curved panels.  If you order a curved 16:9 or 2.07 constant area screen, we'll want to curve those top/bottom masks for a perfect fit.
  •     Constant area.  If you start with a 2.07 screen, a set of both top/bottom and side masks gives you the freedom to mask to whatever the director's choice was.
  •     Retractable screen panels.  In order to roll nicely, these will always need to be all-Millibel AT.
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