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Classic Line by Screen Research
The “CLASSIC LINE by Screen Research” is a brand new range of video projection screens, for price sensitive home theater applications with superior design, quality and features.
The “Classic Line by Screen Research” is an affordable range of video projection screens that includes fixed screens for dedicated rooms, as well as on-wall/ in-ceiling motorized screen, with no compromise to quality, design or features. This product line is targeting the “price sensitive” home theater market looking for high-quality video projection screens.

Motorized Drop Down Screens
Screen Research’s comprehensive portfolio of motorized drop down screens offers a wide range of high performance options and features whatever the budget.

Fixed-Frame Screens
Screen Research's fixed frame screen range provides a variety of options for installation, suitable for any number of situations.

Fixed Frame Screens with Masking
Screen Research's fixed frame screens with masking offer a wide range of motorized image masking options allowing the perceived image contrast ratio to be maintained no matter what source material is used. Whether a TV broadcast in 16/9, a letterbox movie in 2.35:1, or a vintage film in 4/3 original aspect ratio, the screen's native ratio can be adjusted to maintain a constant black border around the projected image.