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Screen Excellence Fixed Acoustically Transparent

Screen Excellence Reference

The world reference in Acoustically Transparent screens.

When image and sound quality are the first and foremost considerations, the REFERENCE Fixed Acoustically Transparent product line will provide the ideal projection surface. It is perfect for a dedicated home cinema of any size and you will love the InfiniteBlack light absorbing velvet-covered frame. This luxurious high quality screen comes complete with a solid aluminium frame coated with InfiniteBlack velvet. Its Enlightor woven projection surface is backed by an acoustically transparent black material for ultimate contrast and eliminating rear wall reflections. REFERENCE screens can be manufactured in many sizes and aspect ratios to fit your exact needs.

Technical info

    Fully 4K and HDR compatible
    Surface: Enlightor Neo and Enlightor Neo-W
    Frame: High grade Aluminium frame with InfiniteBlack velvet finish
    Standard Sizes:
    HD up to 210" / 5334mm base width
    WS up to 280" / 7112mm base width
    Custom sizes and aspect ratios available upon request

    HD Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 (16/9)
    WS Aspect Ratio: 2.35 – 2.40:1

REFERENCE screens offer many advanced features

    Uncompromised image and sound quality
    No moiré effect - ideal for use with 4k projectors
    Acoustically transparent woven black backing fabric eliminates rear wall light reflections while maximising contrast
    High quality aluminium frame ensures structural rigidity
    Groove tensioning system guarantees a perfectly flat projection surface
    InfiniteBlack velvet frame provides the ultimate black image border
    Hand crafted with care in United Kingdom

Screen Excellence Magnetic Masking

The new Screen Excellence magnetic masking system is for use with our Referenced and Slim projection screens. The steel-mesh masks are covered in our acoustically transparent black fabric and adhere to the screen through a series of magnets.

The magnetic masking system provides an alternative masking option for those customers who want an acoustically transparent screen with masks but do not want to go to the expense of motorised masking. The masks will convert a wide screen into an HD format in a matter of minutes.

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