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M&K Sound Speaker Packages

M&K 5.1 150 Series System
M&K Sound’s S150 Series used on a daily basis as the preferred monitoring tool in hundreds of professional film and music recording studios around the world and in thousands of serious home entertainment systems.
M&K 7.2.4 150 Series Dolby Atmos System
Experience full-range, designer-friendly sound to rival many “audiophile” stand-alone speakers, in a compact package that integrates beautifully into walls or ceilings!
M&K 7.2.4 300/150 Series Dolby Atmos System
Can there be any better choice than the speakers on which your favorite movies and music were actually created?
M&K 7.2.4 300 Series Dolby Atmos System
The unique design allows critical audio professionals to hear exactly what’s going on in the mix and listen for hours with no hint of fatigue.
M&K 7.4.4 300 Series Dolby Atmos System
This is the ultimate choice for the music and cinema enthusiast.
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