Home Cinema Package 5 - HOLLYWOOD

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Home Cinema Package 5 - HOLLYWOOD
JVC DLA-NX9 8K UHD Projector
Panasonic DP-UB9000 UHD Player
Ceiling mount projector bracket
Wide Screen high gain projection screen up to 5m wide
Lyngdorf MP50 Processor with RoomPerfect
Amplification 6 x Lyngdorf SDA 2 x 400w
Front speakers 3 x M&K In Wall IW300’s
Front side, rear speakers 4 x M&K S300T
Subwoofers 4 x M&K X12
Nuetec HDMi 4K HDR Fibre Optic Cable
XLR, speaker and subwoofer cables

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In Wall Dolby Atmos 9.4.4 300 Series Cinema
The M&K300 Series is the new reference point for state-of-the-art mixing, post production and home cinema applications. Building on the strengths of the iconic 150 system the new 300 series provides even greater power, detail and control.

We highly recommend a demonstration of this extraordinary system to experience your films as never before.

M&K surround systems are used by 20th Century Fox, Dolby Labs, DreamWorks, DTS, HBO, Lucasfilm, Paramount, Sony Music, Sony Pictures, Skywalker Sound, Universal Studios, Walt Disney and Warner Bros.

Installation Costs subject to survey.
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