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Dali Oberon 5 5.1 Speaker Package

Dali Oberon 5 5.1 Speaker Package

£1,699.00 RRP: £1,767.00
What Hi-Fi? review the OBERON 5 and award them five stars! “These superb floorstanders are right up there with the best”
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Dali Oberon 5 5.1 Speaker Package

Dali Oberon 5 Speakers (Pair)
Dali Oberon Vokal centre Speaker
Dali Oberon 1 Speakers (Pair)
Dali E-9F Subwoofer

The DALI OBERON series is available in four finishes: Black Ash, White, Dark Walnut and Light Oak

Dali Oberon 5 Speakers

”The Dali Oberon 5s are brilliantly musical and will fit into most rooms with ease.”– ‘What Hi-Fi’ – 5 Star review.

The OBERON 5 is the ultimate performer. A compact and elegant floor-standing speaker, housing 2 x 5¼” wood fibre SMC based woofers and the series’ wide bandwidth 29 mm ultra-lightweight soft dome tweeter. This slim floor-stander will surprise with its ability to deliver a deep firm bass. Together with the clear and well defined mid-range and the airy high frequencies, this speaker is at home with any music or movie sound track.

Dali Oberon Vokal centre Speaker

The DALI OBERON VOKAL delivers a precise, clear and detailed sound performance for both your movie as well concert sound track. It is designed to be the perfect match with any of the speakers in the OBERON series for a complete surround system. It houses an 29 mm ultra-lightweight soft dome tweeter and 2 x 5.25" SMC based wood fibre woofers - combining technologies which make it possible to create a speaker that will render audio like a much larger model.

Dali Oberon 1 Speakers

The DALI OBERON 1 is a ultra compact bookshelf speaker. The cabinet size enables an optimal balance between inner volume for bass performance and a compact appearance for easy integration - suited for smaller rooms, discreet audio setups or wall mounting. It features the same oversized 29 mm ultra-lightweight soft dome tweeter as its floor-standing siblings, and a SMC based 5.25" wood fibre woofer to handle lower midrange and bass. The OBERON 1 is based on the most innovative DALI ideas, traditions and inventions - united in a sleek compact design.

Dali E-9F Subwoofer

A DALI subwoofer will blend-in perfectly with any existing stereo main speaker system thanks to carefully selected built-in crossover roll-off, ultra low time shift, and woofer acoustics with soft and coherent overtone reproduction. The DALI subwoofers contradict the common (and sometimes reasonable) prejudice against boomy bass boxes, converting your system into a perfectly balanced full-frequency range system.

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