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Dynamic Definition. New Experience.
RRP: £3,999.00
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Product Description



Dynamic contrast ratio: 400,000:1
Native contrast ratio: 40,000:1
Brightness: 1,700 lm
Compatible with HDMI standard (4K60P 4:4:4) and HDCP 2.2
Available in 2 colours (black and white) see separate listing

4K resolution with e-shift technology for stunning realism and detail
JVC's unique e-shift technology virtually doubles resolution in the vertical and horizontal directions by shifting pixels to produce 4K resolution from a native or lower resolution signal. The latest version uses new Multiple Pixel Control (MPC) image processing for even greater clarity through more accurate diagonal detection. Superior to conventional upscaling, 4K e-shift gives exceptional detail and precision.

Class-leading brightness
The latest version of this acclaimed JVC projector comes with a new 265W blub for class-leading brightness. With a brightness figure of 1700lm, you can comfortably watch the JVC in all lighting conditions. Brighter images are also more realistic, drawing you into the action.

Compatible with the latest tech - HDR and HDCP2.2
The JVC DLA-X5000 now boasts HDR (High Dynamic Range) compatibility. Thanks to the powerful new bulb, increasing the range between the darkest blacks and brightest whites for HDR specification is easy with the JVC. It's also compatible with HDCP2.2, meaning that it will work with the latest 4K UHD sources.

Superb quality 3D
Thanks to reduced crosstalk, made possible by D-ILA's original Frame Addressing driver technology, the JVC's 3D performance is breathtaking. Crosstalk correction reduces strain on the eyes by applying correcting signals - this means you're able to watch for longer without feeling as tired. As before, the DLA-X5000 uses a 3D (RF) emitter and frame sequential method to transmit awesome 3D images.

Wide range of 3D picture adjustments
Ensuring professional quality 3D, the DLA-X5000 comes with a range of user adjustments. Crosstalk Cancelling, Disparity Adjustment, and Depth Adjustment are all available for the ideal 3D image. 2D-3D conversion is also included.

Lens memory function
Another impressive feature with the DLAX5000 is the lens memory setting, letting you store up to five custom zoom, focus and lens shift positions. This is ideal when switching between different aspect ratios as it allows for a constant image height.

Control4 SDDP Compatibility
JVC's new D-ILA projectors are compatible with Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SDDP) by Control4. When an SDDP-compatible device is added into a Control4 system, it is automatically recognised by the system and ready for use within your system in next to no time.

Brighter than ever and still a class-leader for realism, the DLA-X5000 is the most flexible JVC e-shift projector yet

Please note: 3D accessories are not included (available on request, see prices below) 

The optional 3D Sync Emitter and 3D glasses are required to view 3D images from the X5000. 3D video software (3D media or output of 3D broadcasts) and a 3D-compatible video player are also required.

Accessories To Enjoy 3D Viewing:

PK-AG3 RF 3D Glasses £130

PK-EM2 RF 3D Synchro Emitter £120



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